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Literary Reference Source

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Provides you with abroad spectrum of information on thousands of authors and their works across time and literary discipline.

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Live Author Talks

Live Author Talks

Enjoy a range of talks from bestselling authors and thought leaders. Brought to you in partnership with the Library Speakers Consortium.

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LOTE Online for Kids

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Digital books in World Languages, created for children to enjoy books and learn language through storytelling.

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MasterFILE Premier Image Collection

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This resource contains more than 107,000 digital images, maps & flags.

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Designed to help you make better investment decisions. Find a stock or fund to meet your needs, research current or prospective holdings, or see how your investments fit together.

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New York Times (via pressreader)

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The New York Times: A premier source of news and analysis since 1851, covering a spectrum of topics from politics to culture.

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Newspaper Archive

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Explore your family history and discover key historical events with coverage of Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana.

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Newspaper Source

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Provides a full-text digital collection of the world's major news content. It includes millions of articles from newspapers and newswires and offers television and radio transcripts and ongoing daily updates from popular news sources.

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Northstar Digital Literacy

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This resource will help you test your computer knowledge! Create an account to save your progress and use Northstar’s guided learning tutorials to boost your computer skills.

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Ohio Digital Library

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The Ohio Digital Library is a collection of audiobooks, eBooks, and more that can be downloaded to a variety of devices such as PCs, laptops, eReaders, and mobile devices for a 3 week loan period.

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Ohio History Connection

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Several different databases, some indexed and other full text, including Ohio Civil War Documents, the Ohio Online Death Certificate Index, and the Ohio Newspaper Index.

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Ohio Memory

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An online scrapbook of Ohio history containing 26,000 primary sources from 330 archives, historical societies, libraries and museums that document Ohio’s past from prehistory through the present.

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Oxford Research Encyclopedias

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Oxford Encyclopedias content for researchers and students.

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Points of View Reference Source

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A comprehensive full-text database that provides a series of essays that present multiple sides of today’s most controversial scientific, social, economic, and political issues.

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Digital newsstand featuring 7000+ of the world’s most popular newspapers & magazines.

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Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps

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The Digital Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps provides a searchable interface for locating historical Maps of Ohio towns and citiies.

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Science Reference Source

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Provides easy access to full-text, science- oriented content appropriate for middle and high school students.

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Small Business Source

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Information for small business owners and entrepreneurs including resources on taxes, trademarks, business filings and more.

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