Lane Seed Library

The Lane Seed Library was introduced in September of 2018 with a mission to connect local gardeners by fostering seed sharing while providing informational resources on seed saving and other gardening topics.  The Lane Seed Library continues to grow today through the donations of both organizations and individuals. It offers the opportunity for anyone to be able to grow a garden.

Choosing & Borrowing Seeds

Step 1: Print off a Seed Borrowing Form or pick one up at the Hamilton Lane Library.

Step 2: Complete the form, choosing no more than 5 seed packets in one visit or 15 seed packets per growing season. Seeds are organized by plant families.

Step 3: Return the completed form to a staff member at the Hamilton Lane Library to get seeds and start growing.

Grow Some, Give Some

Step 1: Grow your seeds!

Step 2: Save seeds from the plants in your garden. Need help?  See resources below on seed saving.

Step 3:  Fill out a Seed Donation Form and return seeds to the library. Seeds must be dry, packaged in a zip lock bag or paper envelope, and labeled with plant variety and year harvested.

The Lane Seed Library includes heirloom and open-pollinated seeds only. Hybrid, genetically modified or genetically engineered seeds cannot be safely distributed.

Full or partial seed packets can also be donated, please note on the donation form if seeds are purchased.

In response to COVID-19, the Lane Seed Library must remain locked. Staff members are available to assist anyone with borrowing seeds.

Growing Guides

Beet, Chard, Spinach

Chard – Orange

Beet – Ruby Queen

Spinach – Corvair

Swiss Chard – Mixed Colors

Beet – Detroit Dark Red

Spinach – Round Leaf (Asian)

Cucumber, Melon, Pumpkin, Squash, Watermelon, Zucchini

Gourd – Birdhouse

Pumpkin – Baby Pam Pie

Cucumber – Spacemaster Bush

Squash – Acorn

Pumpkin – Jack Be Little

Watermelon – Sugar Baby

Zucchini – Black Beauty

Watermelon – Black Diamond Heirloom

Cantaloupe – Honey Rock

Cucumber – Green Finger

Cantaloupe – Hales Best

Squash – Dark Green Zucchini

Watermelon – Charleston Gray

Watermelon – Petite Yellow

Pumpkin – Big Max

Squash – Cocozelle

Squash – Success PM Straightneck

Squash – Delicata Winter

Cantaloupe – Minnesota Midget

Squash – Honey Nut Butternut Winter

Watermelon – Allsweet

Watermelon – Garden Leader Monster

Pumpkin – Fall Rainbow Blend

Zucchini – Grey

Corn, Grain

Common – Buckwheat

Chive, Garlic, Leek, Onion

Giant American Flag Leek


Garlic – Chives

Onion – Evergreen Bunching


Basil, Horehound, Lavender, Lemonbalm, Marjoram, Oregano, Peppermint, Sage, Spearmint, Savory, Thyme 





Wild – Bergamot (Bee Balm)

Lemon Balm



Rue – Early Meadow

Marjoram – Sweet

Summer Savory

Broccoli Raab, Cabbage, Kale, Kohlrabi, Radish, Mesclun

Cabbage – Red Express

Mizuna Asian Greens

Broccoli Raab – Spring

Georgia Collards

Arugula – Astro


Radish – Black Spanish

Bok Choy – Toy Choy

Kale – Vates

Broccoli – De Cicco

Radish – French Breakfast

Radish – Gourmet Blend

Mustard – Red Giant

Radish – White Icicle

Kale – Red Russian

Kohlrabi – Lech

Radish – Valentines Day Blend

Mesclun – High Mowing Blend

Mustard – India Florida BroadLeaf

Greens – Yukina Savoy Asian

Radish – Watermelon

Kale- Lacinato
Heirloom Vegetable

Eggplant, Pepper, Tomato

Tomato-Burgess Climbing Trip L Crop

Tomato – Yellow Pear

Tomato – Gold Nugget Mini

Pepper – Hot, Mixed Variety

Pepper – Lively Italian Orange

Pepper – California Wonder

Pepper – Jalapeno Gigantia

Pepper – Sweet Cherry, Hot

Pepper – Anaheim Chili, Hot

Tomato – Hybrid Early Salad

Tomato – Roma

Eggplant – Little Finger

Tomato – Abe Lincoln

Tomato – Small Fruited Red Pear

Pepper – Golden California Wonder

Tomato – Starlight Grape

Pepper – Poblano

Tomato – Cherokee Purple

Eggplant – Belleza Negra

Pepper – Grand Bell, Mixed Colors

Tomato – Green Zebra

Pepper – Big Red

Pepper – Dragon Cayenne

Tomato – Matt’s Wild Cherry

Pepper – Craig’s Grande Jalapeno

Bellflower – Tall

Phlox – Wild Blue

Anise, Carrots, Coriander, Dill, Fennel, Greens, Parsley

Fennel – Sweet


Carrot – Red Cored Chantenay

Carrot – Yellowstone

Carrot – Scarlet Nantes



Carrot – Tendersweet

Celery – Tango

Carrot – Mezza Lunga Nantese

Queen Anne’s Lace

Parsley – Paramont

Georgia Collards

Carrot – Long Imperator #58

Bean, Pea, Trefoil

Bean – Pinto

Bean – Quincy Pinto

Pea – Laxton’s Progress #9 Shell

Bean – Henderson’s Baby Lima

Bean – Blue Lake Pole

Bean – Fordhook Lima

Bean – Gold Rush Bush

Bean – Black Turtle (bush type)

Pea – Green Arrow Shell

Trefoil – Showy Tick

Bean – Asparagus aka Yardlong

Flowers, Lettuce

Morning Glory – Heavenly Blue

Morning Glory – Pink, Purple, White

Sweet William



Coreopsis – Sunkiss

Lettuce – Red Planet Salad Blend

Lettuce – Red Oakleaf

Black-eyed Susan

Lettuce – Prizehead

Sunflower – Evening Colors

Pimpernel – Yellow

Milkweed – Rose

Marigold – French

Verbena Bonariensis

Morning Glory – Purple

Sweet Pea – Painted Lady

Forget-Me-Not – Chinese

Columbine – Nora Barlow (Pink)

Geranium – Hardy

Convolvulus – Blue Enchantment

Blackberry Lily

Lettuce – Parris Island Romaine



Milkweed – Common

Marigold – Orange

Artichoke – Green Globe

Morning Glory

Johnny Jump Up

Larkspur – Blue



Zinnias – Red

Lettuce – Tropicana Leaf

Lettuce – Black Seeded Simpson

Dames Rocket – Violet

Lettuce – Lollo Rossa

Sunflower – Early

Milkweed – Prairie

Marigold – Bright Yellow


Recommended Uniform State Seed Law (RUSSL) from the Association of American Seed Control Officials (AASCO)

“Seeds being distributed may not meet germination or varietal purity standards prescribed by the state seed law. Patented seed or varieties protected by the Plant Variety Protection Act will not be accepted or distributed without permission of the certificate holder.”

For additional information on the Lane Seed Library, visit the Hamilton Lane Library or contact Tess Catlin at