Unattended Children Policy

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The Lane Libraries welcome and encourage children to visit, use the library’s resources and services and attend library programs.  Staff members are available to assist children with library services. While we always strive to make the library a safe place, the responsibility for the safety and behavior of children in the library rests with the parent or caregiver (aged 14 or older) and not with the library personnel.   Library staff cannot supervise children or function as a substitute for daycare for unattended children.

Children 8 and under may not be left unattended in the library.  They must be accompanied by a parent or caregiver at all times.  Children shall be considered “attended” as long as they are in sight of the parent or caregiver.  Please check with the library regarding the guidelines for leaving children unattended during library programs. This is at the discretion of library staff and may vary by program. 

If children 8 and under are found in the library unattended by a parent or responsible caregiver, library staff will attempt to locate the parent or responsible caregiver in the building.  If no parent or responsible caregiver is located in the building, library staff will attempt to contact the parent. If the parent is unavailable, the local police department will be called.

Parents will be called if a juvenile under the age of 14 is left at the library at closing time.  If the parent is unavailable, the local police department will be called.

The library is not responsible if children leave the library unattended.

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