Internet Use Policy

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The library provides access to the internet and other approved software at no charge, including web-based email, chat, and social media services. The library cannot control and is not responsible for the content or accuracy of information accessed over the internet, including information contained in email and other forms of electronic communication. The library uses filtering software to block access to some internet sites in compliance with Ohio law. Since no filtering system is completely effective or efficient, restriction of a minor’s access to the internet is the responsibility of the parent or legal guardian.

Patrons are encouraged to ask for assistance; however, staff may be limited in the assistance that they can provide.

Patrons agree to abide by the following guidelines when using the library’s internet service on both Lane computers and when connecting to the internet via wireless connections provided by the library:

  • Use of internet computers is on a “first-come, first-served” basis. Patrons are allotted two sessions per day.
  • Internet sessions may be of limited time if others are waiting or if computers are needed for library programming and/or maintenance.
  • Users will respect the privacy of others and will refrain from attempting to view or read material being used by them. Misrepresenting themselves as another patron, including using another patron’s library card to log on, is not allowed.
  • There is a charge for printing. Patrons are responsible for the prints they initiate.
  • The display of sexually-explicit imagery or other graphic content which may be disturbing, offensive, or hostile to others is prohibited.
  • Users should be aware that public computers are not a private or secure medium and that third parties may be able to obtain information regarding their activities.
  • Staff are unable to recover data once a computer session ends. To save data, patrons must copy it to their own personal media or online storage during the computer session. The library is not responsible for time or data lost during a computer session and it cannot be held liable for damages to personal data and removable media.
  • Installing software on library computers is prohibited.
  • The use of the library’s computers or wifi connection for any illegal purposes, including software piracy and copyright violations, is NOT permitted.
  • Library staff may monitor usage of the computers for the purpose of ensuring compliance with this policy.

Failure to comply with this policy may result in the loss of internet and library privileges per the Lane Libraries’ Code of Conduct.

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