Work It Off

Work It Off: Fine Reduction Program

Teens ages 14 – 17 with $10.00 or more in fines who otherwise would not be able to check out library materials will be eligible for the program. For every 30 minutes worked, the library will reduce fines by $4.00 (roughly equivalent to minimum wage). Worked time may not be applied to reduce replacement costs for lost or damaged library materials. Fine reduction will be applied to the participating patron’s library account, and no credit will be given. Each qualifying patron may only use this option once; if he or she accrues fines above $10.00 again, they will have to be paid off monetarily.

Participants must fill out an application, have it signed by a parent or guardian, and provide two references (adults age 18 or over who are not family members). Once his or her application is accepted, each participant will sign an agreement detailing how much in fines he or she must work off to have library privileges restored and how many hours this will entail. He or she will then receive training in one or more library tasks. These tasks may include shelf reading, sorting returns, shelving DVDs and other library materials, or any other tasks the library deems applicable. Training time will count toward working off the participant’s fine.

Each participant will be closely supervised until a staff member decides that he or she understands the assigned task and is doing a satisfactory job. Therefore, participants may be limited to scheduling their hours according to staff availability. If the patron’s work is deemed unsatisfactory at any time, his or her participation in the fine reduction program may be suspended. The patron will still be responsible for any remaining fines on his or her library account which were not worked off before the patron’s participation was suspended.

You can download the application here.

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How does it work?
For every 30 min­utes worked, the library will reduce late fees by $4.00. Only late fees are eli­gi­ble to be paid down. If an item on your account has gone to “lost” and the replace­ment cost charged to your account, that part of your late fees can­not be worked off. Debt col­lec­tion fees (which do not exceed $15.00) also are not eli­gi­ble to be worked off.

What if I work my fines off and then accu­mu­late more?
You may only use the fine reduc­tion pro­gram once. Any fees accu­mu­lated after you have had library priv­i­leges restored must be paid off monetarily.

What kind of work will I have to do?
Each par­tic­i­pant will receive train­ing in one or more tasks around the library. These tasks may include shelv­ing DVDs and other library mate­ri­als, shelf read­ing, or other tasks deemed applic­a­ble by the library or for which you are par­tic­u­larly suited.
If your work is deemed unsat­is­fac­tory at any time, your par­tic­i­pa­tion in the fine reduc­tion pro­gram may be sus­pended. You will be cred­ited for the time worked, and you must pay off any remain­ing fines monetarily.

How do I get started?
Eli­gi­ble teens may fill out an appli­ca­tion and return it to the Lane Library branch where he or she would like to par­tic­i­pate. The appli­ca­tion requires a par­ent or guardian’s sig­na­ture and two non-family adult ref­er­ences. After the appli­ca­tion is accepted, you will have to sign an agree­ment detail­ing how many hours you must work to have library priv­i­leges restored.

What if I have other ques­tions?
Con­tact any Lane Library branch for more infor­ma­tion.
Hamil­ton: 513−894−7156
Fair­field: 513−858−3238
Oxford: 513−523−7531