Cucumber – Silver Slicer

Pumpkin – Jack Be Little

Bennings Green Tint Summer Squash

Cabbage – Golden Acre

Tomato – Moskvich

Pepper – Early Jalapeno Hot

Carrot – Yellowstone

Pea – Cascadia Snap

Lavender – Fragrant

Cantaloupe – Vine Peach

Basil – Sweet

Phlox – Wild Blue

Cucumber – Green Finger

Tomato – Starlight Grape

Lettuce – Red Oakleaf

Squash – Success PM Straightneck

Giant American Flag Leek

Mizuna Asian Greens

Trefoil – Showy Tick

Sweet Pea – Painted Lady


Zucchini – Costata Romanesco

Zucchini Squash – Ronde de Nice

German Winter Thyme

Kale – Curly Roja

Tomato – Small Red Pear

Carrot – Scarlet Nantes

Carrot – Negovia

Bean – Royal Burgundy Bush

Sage, Broad-Leaved




Squash – Honey Nut Butternut Winter

Georgia Collards

Dames Rocket – Violet

Pumpkin – Baby Pam Pie


Radish – Valentines Day Blend

Pea – Laxton’s Progress #9 Shell

Johnny Jump Up

Squash – Yellow Crookneck Summer

Squash – Waltham Butternut Winter

Broccoli – Belstar

Radish – Cherry Belle

Pepper – King of the North Sweet

Carrot – Yaya

Pea – Oregon Sugar Pod II Snow

Artichoke – Green Globe


Lettuce – Green Towers Romaine

Lemon Balm

Cantaloupe – Honey Rock

Lemon Balm

Pea – Green Arrow Shell

Spinach – Corvair

Watermelon – Black Diamond Heirloom

Mesclun – High Mowing Blend

Eggplant – Little Finger

Bean – Blue Lake Pole

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