Grants Resource Center

The Hamilton Lane Library has partnered as a Funding Information Network with Candid. This network has over 480 locations nationwide and is the largest nonprofit organization providing resources on funding, grants and philanthropy. At the Hamilton Lane Library, there are resources to assist with all of your funding needs.

The Lane Libraries offers individual instruction sessions on the Candid resources and related topics. Contact Tess Catlin at the Hamilton Lane Library for more information.

Check out Candid’s newest grant resource, CANDID  LEARNING!

In response to COVID-19, The Lane Public Libraries is able to offer some remote access to the Foundation Directory Online (FDO). If you are interested in utilizing this service, please contact Tess Catlin using the information at the bottom of this webpage.

COVID-19 Relief Resources

Emergency Financial Resources

Ohio COVID-19 Relief Funds

Raising Funds in the COVID-19 Era

Organizations Helping with COVID-19 

COVID-19 Funding in Ohio

Additional Nonprofit Resources



Jobhero Career Guide

NASCO National Association of State Charity Official

Local Nonprofits

Butler County United Way

Fairfield Community Foundation

Grant Professionals Association

Greater Cincinnati Foundation

Hamilton Community Foundation

Philanthropy Ohio

Government Nonprofit Resources

Directions for staying tax exempt

State of Ohio Charity Office


Contact Tess Catlin, Public Services Librarian

Candid Resources

Candid Learning


Candid eBooks


Starting a Nonprofit

How to Start a Nonprofit

Grantseeking for New Nonprofits

National Council on Nonprofits

Directions for becoming 501(C) 3


Deposit a Gift


Grant Opportunities

Greater Cincinnati Foundation

Hamilton Community Foundation

Institute of Museum and Library Services

Ohio Arts Council

Ohio Environmental Protection Agency

Ohio History Connection

Ohio Humanities




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