The Wonder of Nature Photo Contest

Thank you to all who submitted entries for the Lane Libraries’ third annual Wonder of Nature Photo Contest!
We are pleased to announce this year’s winners:

Adult 1st Place

Adult 2nd Place

Adult 3rd Place

Bobbi Hornsby, Hamilton “I’m so Pretty”

Don Morner, Oxford “Pre-moth Setae

JD Cambell, Fairfield “Serene and Peaceful”

Teen 1st Place

Teen 2nd Place

Teen 3rd Place

Lisa Brandenburg, 17, Ross “Our family dog Jessee showing off how beautiful she is next to our family tree.”

Emily Farnsworth, 13, Oxford “Illumination”

Prashansa Nepal, 14, Oxford “Graceful Moonlit Evening”

Child 1st Place

Child 2nd Place

Child 3rd Place

Ella Wahoff, 8, Monroe,”It was a fun day creeking in the woods with Dad.”

Hadassah Singleton, 10, Hamilton

Sofia Doughman,11, Hamilton “Butterfly on a Flower”

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