Book Spine Poetry Challenge

April 1 – 30


1. Browse books from your own collection or at the library and choose one or two that spark your interest for constructing your poem.

2. Find other books that complement your first choice. Grab any you think might work until you have picked 6 – 8 books.

3. Start playing with combinations of spine phrases, swapping and changing their order. Don’t settle on your first try! Put your poem together like a puzzle. Explore how changing the spine order changes the meaning of your poem.

4. Read the poem to yourself. When it sounds right, take a photo of your completed poem and send it to In your email, be sure to include your name, the poem’s title, and what the poem is about.

You can participate in this challenge from home using your own books or you can visit stations at the Oxford Lane Library to create your book spine poem.

For more information and to enter your submission, email Submitted entries  will be displayed at theOxford Lane Library.