Mission, Staff & Board


Find it at the Lane! The Lane Libraries provide materials, services and technology aimed at satisfying the curiosity, intellect and imagination of our patrons throughout our communities, on our website and by engaging in strategic partnerships.


Joseph Greenward, Director – j.greenward@lanepl.org

Robert Carringer, Fiscal Officer – r.carringer@lanepl.org

Carol Bowling, Branch Manager of Hamilton Lane Library – c.bowling@lanepl.org

Valerie Simmons, Branch Manager of Fairfield Lane Library –v.simmons@lanepl.org

Rebecca Smith, Branch Manager of Oxford Lane Library – rebecca.smith@lanepl.org

Fran Meyer, Bookmobile Services Manager – f.meyer@lanepl.org

Valerie Elliott, Smith History Library Manager – v.elliott@lanepl.org

Amanda Toth, Community Technology Center Manager – a.toth@lanepl.org

Celeste Swanson, Youth Services Coordinator – c.swanson@lanepl.org

Katrina Bate, Collection Development Manager – k.bate@lanepl.org

Carrie Mancuso, Public Relations Manager – c.mancuso@lanepl.org

Bryan Isay, Human Resources Manager – b.isay@lanepl.org

Chip Kruthoffer, Systems Manager – c.kruthoffer@lanepl.org

Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees meets on the second Monday of the month at 4:00 p.m. at the Lane Administration Center. No board meetings are scheduled for July or August.

Daniel Hall, President
Ted Pickerill, Vice President
Sandra Pizzano, Secretary
Brenda Dales
Marcia Koenig
Sonja Kranbuhl
Nancy O’Neill