For Educators

The Lane Libraries prescription priligy visit us how to buy priligy online are committed to providing excellent service to children and teens. One way for the Lane to ensure the best service possible is to offer special assistance and services to educators of all kinds who work with these young people.

Assignment Alert Form

Many students use the Lane Libraries to find resources to complete homework assignments and projects. It would be beneficial to the students and to the library if you would alert us to the assignments before you give them to the students. The information will help the librarians to assist the students in finding materials they require. Please submit this form at least one week in advance. (* = required field)

Assignment Date*

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Number of Students Given this Assignment*

Assignment Description*

Special Requirements

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Bookmobile School Visit Schedule

The Bookmobile visits many area schools visit us adderall generic cheap adderall online'>generic ultram information discount ultram throughout the school year. Students can check out items for school purposes or for leisure reading. Any materials checked out can be returned to the Bookmobile at the next scheduled visit or at any Lane Library location.

Bookmobile Public Schedule

Bookmobile 2012-2013 School Schedule

Classroom Collections

Classroom collection requests form

Materials found at the Lane Libraries supplement and enhance your school media center’s collections. The Lane offers the following materials:

  • Books
  • Large print books
  • Videocassettes
  • CDs
  • Audio cassettes
  • Educational games / toys
  • Magazines / newspapers
  • Audio books and Cds
  • DVDs
  • Computer software
  • Puppets
  • Local history materials

Library staff will select a collection of age/grade appropriate materials on a specific topic (e.g. fairy tales) or of a specific type (e.g. Accelerated readers (AR books) at a particular level) for use in the classroom. A collection can be comprised of a number of different formats or just one format. There is no limit of the number of items that can be checked out. Classroom collection requests may be made through Bookmobile Services and delivered by the Bookmobile to your school. They make delivers once a month. Or you may submit the request to the Lane location where the collection will be picked up by you.

Library staff requires at least one week to prepare a collection and will attempt to fill your request, with the available resources, to best meet your needs. Staff reserves the right to limit the number of certain material, such as holiday items. Items are checked out on a teacher card for 28 days except for DVDs, which circulate for 14 days and overdue materials incur no fines.

For your convenience request forms can be:

  • Phoned or faxed
  • Delivered in person to any Lane location’s Children Services Department
  • Submitted online

Services to Day Care

Lane Library welcomes the opportunity to work with day care staff to create a program or book collection that helps to promote reading, using the library and instilling in young children a love for books. The following services are available to day cares and latchkey organizations:

Library Visits to your Day Care
Day care staff is encouraged to call ahead (2-3 weeks in advanced) to their local Lane Library to schedule a visit (monthly, quarterly, or just one-time). With enough notice, the visits can be prepared to meet your day care’s curriculum needs. A visit can include a story time, book talks, or public library tour.

Story Time
A story time is a wonderful and exciting way for library personnel to share popular stories, finger plays, puppets, and other book-related resources with children. A 20-minute story time is designed for toddlers up to age two. For children ages three through 12, a story time is 30-45 minutes. Library staff will work with you to create a program that fits your needs and the time available.

Book Talks
These are presentations designed for elementary age students to introduce students to new books and other library media. Each talk is designed around a popular theme to generate excitement and encourage reading. Book talks are usually 30-45 minutes, but vary depending on age level.

Public Library Tours
You may schedule a tour of Lane location for your group. With prior notice a library tour can also include instruction on how to use the library’s catalog for selecting and locating materials for professional, school or leisure purposes.

Other services provided to day cares include: teacher card, classroom collections and Childcraft Literacy Bags. Library staff members are also available to provide day care staff guidance in the selection of materials for special projects and/or recreational reading for the children that they work with.

Fast Lane

The Fast Lane is the library’s newsletter and events calendar that is published quarterly. It features articles about new services available at the library. In addition, it provides a detailed calendar of events for children, teen and adult programs held at the library. A copy of the Fast Lane can be picked up at any Lane location or accessed at

Home Schooling

Lane staff members are also committed to meeting the needs of home schooling families. We offer the same services and programs to home schooling families as we do for teachers and students in the public and private schools.

To obtain a Lane Library teacher card:

  • Complete the contract and application form. Instead of a principal signing the contract the parent/guardian acts in the role of the principal and accepts the responsibility for any lost or damaged materials about $50.00
  • Provide a copy of the verification letter from the Ohio Department of Education granting permission to home school.

The following Websites are helpful resources on home schooling.
Ohio Home Educators Network

Home schooling Organizations

Jon’s Home school Resources: Support Groups & Home schooling Law

Ohio Home School Organizations in the SW Region of Ohio

Beth Yada Home School Group
Edgewood Baptist Church, 1010 W State St, Trenton OH
Contact: Beth Yada Registrar
Email: [email protected]
A friendly Christian home school group serving families in Middletown, Trenton, Germantown, Lebanon, Hamilton, Franklin and Liberty Twp. areas. Offers weekly co-op and moms’ fellowship, field trips, 4-H club, skating, etc.

Christian Home Educators of Cincinnati (CHEC)
Contact: Travis and Kim Meadors
Email: [email protected]
Network of about 15 support groups in greater Cincinnati area. Monthly parent education meetings, monthly newsletter, group activities such as field trips, standardized testing, etc.

Christian Home Educators of Cincinnati
6532 Hawk Court, Mason, OH 45040
Email: [email protected]
A citywide organization comprised of eighteen local area support groups in the greater Cincinnati area. CHEC hosts citywide meetings with nationally-known speakers, an annual Orientation Day seminar, and an annual used curriculum sale – plus meets monthly for roller skating and other teen activities.

Christian Home Educators of Clark County (CHECC)
Website is
Based in Springfield, includes about 90 member families, from New Carlisle and Enon as well. Monthly support meetings and resource days; usually cosponsors a curriculum day; coordinates field trips for the group; has negotiated some discounts with local supply houses for members.

Cincinnati Area – Teaching Children at Home (CATCH)
P. O. Box 62459, Cincinnati, OH 45241
Contact: Norma Curry
Email: [email protected]
A community-based non-directed homeschool educational organization for all who educate at home, or who are interested in home education options, especially those who live in the tri-state area encompassing Southwestern Ohio, Southeastern Indiana, and Northern Kentucky.

Darke County Christian Home Educators (DCCHE)
P.O. Box 101, Greenville, OH 45331
Contact: Jim Leonard
Phone: (937) 548-3122
Email: [email protected]
DCCHE is a support group of approx. 50 families, offering a monthly newsletter, field trips, meetings, assistance with understanding and complying with the home education laws, and more.

Holy Family Catholic Home Educators (HFCHE)
For Catholic home school parents in Cincinnati, east side.
Email: [email protected]

Homeschool Network of Greater Cincinnati
An inclusive network of families working together to support each other in the joys and responsibilities of educating our children at home.

Homeschooling & More Support Group
Meets every second Thursday of the month at the Methodist Church If The Redeemer, 235 McNaughten Road just east of Mount Carmel East Hospital. Our goal is to spend the first hour responding to homeschooling questions and concerns, and then dive into our scheduled speaker / activity / book discussion.Kid’s Day Out activities occur at least once a month. All homeschoolers are welcome!

Homeschooling Under Grace (HUG)
Based in and around Dayton
Contact: Donna Young
Email: [email protected]
A group dedicated to helping each other as we minister to our individual families. We offer a Gym Day twice a month for our children, a monthly newsletter, and various activities throughout the year including field trips, History Fair, and Open House (Show-and-Tell).

Miami County Christian Home Educators of Ohio (MCCHEO)
Contact: Kim Wolf 937-698-0022 or
Email: [email protected]
Monthly support group meetings every third Tuesday, 7:00pm at the Troy Nazarene Church, except June, July, August & December. Summer meeting schedule announced in May. Yearly membership fee of $15 which includes a subscription to our monthly newsletter.

North Dayton Christian Home Educators (NDCHEA)
Contact: Tina Witters
Email: [email protected]
For Christian families. Our purpose is to provide support for parents who are homeschooling by encouraging them, sharing experiences in homeschooling, helping to improve instructional skills, and to provide a forum for exchange.

Ohio Home Educators Network
P.O. Box 38132, Olmsted Falls, OH 44138-8132
Email: [email protected]
O-HEN is a parent support group of home schooling families in the Clevelnd-Akron-Canton area. Monthly parent meetings and monthly activity calendar offered. O-HEN supports a student-led, interest-centered approach but welcomes all families regardless of educational philosophy and teaching style or religious beliefs.

Parents Offering Inspiration, Nurturing, and Training (POINT)
Based in Middletown and surrounding Miami Valley area
Email: [email protected]
A Christian homeschool enrichment program currently serving over 85 families. We offer homeschool support resources including guest speakers, training workshops, a lending library, group field trips, and more. We also offer weekly classes for grades K4-12 for those enrolled in our co-op. PO Box 671, Springboro, Ohio 45066

Reaching Educators And Children at Home (REACH)
Email: [email protected]
REACH stands for “Reaching Educators And Children at Home.” We want to reach out to you in loving and practical support of your home schooling. We hope you will reach out to one another in friendship, encouragement and creativity. Our meetings are held in Loveland and serve families all over the east side of Cincinnati. Because the leaders of REACH are Christian, we believe our loving God wants us to serve everyone, not just Christians buy valium uk buy valium online no prescription today valium dosage . Patrick Henry said, “It cannot be emphasized too strongly or too often that this great nation was founded, not by religionists, but by Christians; not on religions, but on the gospel of Jesus Christ! For this very reason peoples of other faiths have been afforded asylum, prosperity, and freedom of worship here.” The REACH support group is founded on the same principle as our nation. All are welcome.

K-12 Database

The Lane Libraries offers a very useful selection of online databases for help with homework assignments or research projects. Most of these research databases are available can be accessed from home provided that you have an Internet connection and a library card.

Good research starting points for younger patrons include the following databases:

For our older patrons in grades 6 and up we offer the following databases:

For instruction on how to use any of these databases please ask a Lane staff member.

Tips for Using Databases

  • Use the right database for your needs. Be sure to check the database descriptions for the subject focus of each database.
  • Before you start searching think of and use as many words/phrases to describe your research topic.
  • Give yourself plenty of time. Research can be a multi-step process.
  • Ask library staff for assistance.

Library Visits & Programs

Book Talks
Book talk presentations can be a general introduction to a range of books to get students excited about reading. Or a presentation can be tailored to a specific topic or reading level. For example, Fairfield library staff members make monthly visits to third grade classes to help meet literature state standards. Each month they book talk a different genre to help expose students to the various genres. Staff members also welcome the opportunity to share the latest and greatest books that educators will want to use with students.

Library Visits
We offer tours, in library programs and instruction. Whether you’d like to tour your local Lane Library, have students select materials to check out for leisure reading or have an instructional session in the use of the Dewey Decimal System, Internet searching or learn about reference materials the library staff welcomes your classes to the library. Staff members can also provide library instruction in your classroom.

Young children aren’t the only ones who benefit from hearing a good story! Our librarians have a good repertoire of stories for all ages. Through stories, all ages can be exposed to the beauty of language, the skills of oral interpretation of literature, various cultures and the similarities and differences among people, history, values and character. Storytelling can create an excitement for books and reading. Hearing stories can also establish the pattern for recognizing character, plot, setting and theme. A demonstrative workshop on “how to tell stories” can be provided to educators or their students. This workshop can be especially useful for older students who are sharing books with younger students, such as in “book buddy” projects. Library staff can tailor a program to fit your classroom needs. The length of the program is from 30 to 60 minutes depending on the time available.

“Programs-In-a-Box” are kits designed by Lane Library staff or Hamilton City School teachers for use by library staff or classroom teachers in a classroom setting to provide a hands-on, interactive program or unit for students in a Social Studies content area. The kits are designed for students in grades 4 and up. The kits now available for check out for a 28-day loan period include:

  • Made for Trade: This kit contains five copies of the board game Made for Trade: A Game of Early American Life to allow your entire class (up to 30 students) to all play at the same time. This board game offers a fun way to personalize history and economies by putting students in the shoes of a colonist, an indentured servant trying to buy his freedom or a shopper on Market Day. There are four different ways to play, ranging from easy to difficult. This game is endorsed by The Commission for the Bicentennial for the US Constitution, Parents Magazine and is the winner of the Media & Methods Excellence in Education award. Grades 4 – up.
  • Yellow Fever Epidemic of 1793: This kit contains 25 copies of the award winning book Fever 1793 by Laurie Halse Anderson, two copies of the award winning non-fiction book An American Plague, the True and Terrifying Story of the Yellow Fever Epidemic of 1793 by Jim Murphy, one copy of Bring Out Your Dead: The Great Plague of Yellow Fever in Philadelphia in 1793 by J.H. Powell and one copy of a Teacher Resource Kit compiled and edited by Lane Library staff. This Teacher Resource Kit provides activities that explore our young nation’s first major public health crises across a variety of disciplines that include geography, civics, economies, language arts and social studies. These activities all of which are based in a careful reading of the book, include map making, classroom debates, charting the economic impact of the disaster, writing poetry, relevant vocabulary and interpreting different historical accounts of the same event. Grades 5 and up.
  • Colonial and Pioneer Clothing: This kit contains a complete outfit of authentically reproduced women’s clothing (size 12 – 14) which can be worn and modeled by either a teacher or student as part of this program. It also includes many interactive elements to help students understand how fabric and clothing were made and worn in pervious times. These fabrics and clothes include the following items: raw wool fleece, combed and carded wool, spun roving, yarn, wool, knitted items, natural dye samples buy accutane uk click here accutane overnight delivery . Also included in the kit are information cards on the history cultivation of cotton, wool linen and silk. Activities include braiding rag rugs and weaving fabric. Books included in the kit are:

    The Fowler Family Gets Dressed by Mary K. Inman and Louise F. Pence (Ohio authors)

    The Fowler Family Celebrates Statehood and a Wedding by Mary K. Inman and Louise F. Pence

    Warm as Wool by Scott Russell Sanders (Indiana author)

    From Plant to Blue Jeans: The Story of Cotton by Arthur John L’Honmedieu.

    Grades 4 – up.

Watch for additional Programs-In-a-Box that are currently being created and will be ready for check out in January 2006. These new kits are strictly aligned with the Ohio’s Academic Content Standards for Social Studies and will focus on the following themes:

  • European Exploration
  • Colonial America
  • American Revolutionary War
  • Northwest Ordinance and the Ohio Frontier
  • United States Constitution
  • Early Years of the Republic
  • Westward Expansion
  • Antebellum Period.

Childcraft Literacy Bags
Lane Library has invested in dozens of special kits that make storytelling and story time preparation for preschoolers through second grade a breeze and fun to do. Each theme-designed storytelling kit (also called a literacy kit or literacy bag) contains:

  • a picture book
  • well chosen plush character or manipulative and
  • two-sided laminated activity cards with activities that can be used at home or in the school setting.

These activities extend the book to allow for a well-developed cohesive program that requires minimum preparation on your part. Topics range from classic children’s books to math, science, holidays and social studies. You can search for these kits in Lane’s online catalog under the General Keys of “storytelling kit” or “Childcraft kit“.

Puppets are great communication facilitators! Let a library demonstrate how easy it is to use puppets as an educational tool. Puppetry helps develop writing skills, public speaking, cooperation and artistic expression. It is also a fun and creative link to literature. We can present puppet-making workshops for you or you students. A basic puppet-making workshop requires a minimum of two hours (three hours is ideal). For a more detailed workshop that would include selecting a story, choosing the characters to make, creating the puppets, rehearsing the puppet show and performing the show it requires at least six hours. It is best to spread this type of workshop out over a few days. Library staff will provide the basic materials.

Faculty in-Service
One of our goals is to serve educators as well as their students. Let us know what kind of library training we can provide at a faculty meeting. Topics can include how to use Lane’s research databases, how to effectively evaluate a Web site, Internet searching, storytelling and many other topics. Library staff members can tailor such a workshop to a half an hour to an hour-long program. We will work with you to meet your needs.

Library Program Promotion
We would love the opportunity to talk to your students for approximately 15 minutes about our programs. Within this short time we gave give them a glimpse in to summer reading fun, a writing or art contest and many more events.

Special Presentations

Author / Illustrators Visits
The Lane Libraries host notable authors and illustrators of books for children and teens. Presentations at the library and at local schools help students gain knowledge and appreciation of the people who create books. Such visits also inspire students to develop their own writing, illustrating and communicating skills. Coordinator of Youth Services 513- 894-7156 x 604.

Right to Read Week , Children’s Book Week or Poetry Month
Library staff will be happy to work with you in planning a special presentation or activity in conjunction with one of these observances. For example, past programs have included puppet shows or bringing in authors to visit classes for Children’s Book Week. For further, information on Children’s Book Week visit this Web site: For additional, information on Poetry Month check out this Web site:

Career Presentations
Let an enthusiastic librarian from Lane Libraries speak to your students about the skills, typical activities, challenges and rewards of a library career.

Reserve Shelf

Information available in book form on a given subject may be in limited quantity at the Lane Libraries. In order to ensure that all students have equal access to the material to complete the assignment or project we encourage you to request a reserve shelf. With your assistance, library staff will select the materials to put aside for in library use only. The books will remain on the reserve shelf for a maximum of two weeks.

Resources for Teaching Local History

Lane Libraries provides students and teachers with access to a wide variety of materials on local history. These materials are found in special collections found in both the Smith Library of Regional History and the Cummins Room. In addition, Lane has worked closely with local Historian Jim Blount on providing access to his indexes of Butler County Place Names and to his Journal News columns since 1998.


The Smith Library of Regional History located in the Oxford Lane Library

The Smith Library of Regional History is a non-circulating collection of materials on the history of southwestern Ohio. In addition to books, photographs, maps, and newspapers, there are also letters, diaries, and personal papers of individuals along with the records of schools, churches, and businesses. All of these can be reproduced for the classroom and can be used in the study of local, state, or U.S. history. The Smith Library can provide an orientation slide program for teachers or for students in middle school or high school, and arrangements can be made for class visits. This library is located on the second floor of the Oxford Lane Library. A list of Resources for Teaching Local Historyis also available. For further information please contact Smith Library staff at 523-3035 or at [email protected]

The Smith Library of Regional History located in the Oxford Lane Library
Resource Dates
Butler County Birth Records on microfilm 1867 – 1908
Butler County Death Records on microfilm 1867 – 1908
Butler County Marriage Records on microfilm 1803 – 1930
Butler County Wills on microfilm 1803 – 1912
Butler County Deeds on microfilm 1803 – 1863
U.S. Census Records on microfilm for Butler, Hamilton, Preble, Montgomery & Warren Counties 1820 – 1930
U.S. Geological Survey Maps for Butler County
Butler County Atlases and Maps 1836, 1855, 1868, 1875, 1895, 1904, 1914, 1925, 1930, 1980s – date
Snyder Photo Collection 1,500 photographs
McCord, Wright and Hoxie Photo Collection 1,500 Photographs
Greenwood Cemetery Interment Records on Microfiche 1848 – 1976
Butler County Cemetery Indexes
Cincinnati City Directories on microfiche 1819 – 1902
Hamilton City Directories 1858 – 1930 (incomplete) 1976, 1987, 1994-present
Oxford City Directories 1883, 1931, 1958, 1965, 1994 – present
Cincinnati Newspapers on microfilm 1793 – 1840
College Corner Newspapers on microfilm 1901 – 1991
Harrison Newspapers on microfilm 1871 – 1916
Oxford Newspapers on microfilm 1834 – present
Venice Newspapers on microfilm 1887 – 1912
Oxford Fire Insurance Maps 1887, 1892, 1899, 1911, 1925
Ohio Census Indexes 1820 – 1880
Oxford Names Index 1807 – date
Histories of Butler County villages, churches, schools, cemeteries, clubs and businesses
Yearbooks for Miami University, Western College for Women, Oxford College for Women 1890s – present (but not complete)
Yearbooks for Talawanda High School, Stewart High School, Hanover High School, Reily High School
College Corner High School, McGuffey High School
Rosters of Ohio Soldiers in the American Revolution, War of 1812, Mexican War, Civil War, and Spanish American War and World War I (plus indexes)
Passenger and Immigration Lists Indexed by Filby Original series with supplements to 2009


Cummins Room located in the Hamilton Lane LibraryThe Cummins Local History Room at the Main Library is named after George C. Cummins (1903-1980), a prominent Hamilton attorney and active local historian. The collection includes material related to the history of Butler County and a number of sources of interest to genealogists. Listed below are some of the most frequently used sources in the collection. For more information, please call the Information Services Department at (513) 894-7158 or send email to[email protected].
Cummins Room Located in the Hamilton Lane Library
Resource Date
Butler County Cemetery Indexes
Butler County Census Records on microfilm 1820-1930
Butler County Deeds on microfilm 1803 – 1849
Butler County Infirmary Records on microfilm 1800 – 1913
Butler County Map 1836
Butler County Atlases 1875 and 1895
Butler County USGS Topographical Maps (7.5 minute series)
Cummins Photo Collection on compact disc (3000 + in Kodak Photo CD format) mid – 19th century to early 20th century
Greenwood Cemetery Interment Records on microfiche 1848 – 1974
Hamilton City Directories 1858 – 1859 and 1892 – present (not comprehensive)
Hamilton City Newspapers on microfilm 1823 – present
Hamilton Sanborn Insurance Maps 1892 and 1927 – present
Histories of Hamilton, Fairfield, Oxford and other places in Butler County
School Yearbooks 1910 – 1960 (not comprehensive)
Ohio Census Indexes 1820-1880
Passenger and Immigration List Index by Filby 17th, 18th, 19th centuries. Original series with supplements 1982-2006
Roster of Ohio Soldiers for Revolutionary War Official list for soldiers who lived in OH or were buried in OH
Roster for the War of 1812
Roster for Civil War Ohio soldiers 1861-1866
Roster for World War I Ohio soldiers, sailors and marines


Jim Blount Project and Lane Libraries

Lane Libraries supports two new local history resources provided by noted local historian Jim Blount. They include:

Index of Butler County Places Names

This compilation began on a small scale in the summer of 1952 when a young newspaper reporter realized he needed more information about places in his native Butler County. His brief reference notes progressed from a few scrapes of paper to a small notebook, to a larger loose-leaf notebook and finally to an alphabetized collection in a computer. Over the years, the scope has expanded to include some places bordering Butler County, frequently mentioned places in other counties and places often erroneously identified as in Butler County. The list provides interesting details and facts about a number of locations in Butler County. It is searchable through an alphabetical listing of places.

Index of Mr. Blount’s Journal News Columns since 1998

Suggestions for Purchase

If you did not see what you are looking for or heard about a great books please pass this information along to us. Complete and submit the suggestion to purchase form and we will do our best to fill the request. In addition, you can contact us to provide us with any suggestions on how we can best serve the needs of you and your students.

Teacher Card

Teachers who live or work within a school district served by the Lane Libraries are eligible for teacher cards. The districts include:

  • Edgewood
  • Fairfield Schools
  • Hamilton City Schools
  • New Miami Local Schools
  • Ross Local Schools
  • Talawanda Schools

Completed teacher card application forms can be returned to any Lane location along with a signed teacher card contract. The library will allow for annual $50.00 loss rate of materials. The school is responsible for the cost of lost or damaged items above this $50.00 loss rate.

For further information please call Bookmobile Services at 829-8370